AlaFontaine30 and 32 Main Street South.
Built in 1895 or 1896.

This site granted in 1802 to William Huntingdon has sold Elijah Billings in 1806. The point formed by the Main and Mountain streets remains in the Billings family until its sale to Adolphus Greely in 1885. She remains free building until 1894. The current buildings date from 1895 or 1896. In 1920, the property passes to Greely Curley who use it as a residence. Edmund Ebert bought it in 1962. He lives in a time and then converts it into an inn. In 1984, he founded the museum in the former stables.

The old inn is an excellent representation of the Second Empire style with its monumental entrance, an open porch with double columns, and dormer windows to the alcove leading the hipped roof. Two driveway gates once gave access to the stables, both covered with a facing of brick and clapboard.
Thank you to Jeanne Morazain Héritage Sutton for that.